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Now Officially Open for Business

Hello, friends! Well it has certainly been much longer than it should have been before getting a new blog post up here, but the good news is that that means so much has happened since the last one and we have LOTS to catch you up on! Recently I have been trying to do a lot of looking at the bigger picture, and recognizing the leaps and bounds of progress we have made since the beginning, because sometimes when you are in it the day-to-day struggle it tends to feel like only tiny bits of micro-progress. Allow me to bring you up to speed!

In the 6 months since the last post, we have gotten all utilities on the property, a little mobile office all set up (it’s much more charming on the inside than from the outside!), signage out front, more of a social media presence, and most importantly - animals!! We got 4 cows and a miniature bull from Mockingbird Farm leasing our pasture, then the count went to 6 when a surprise calf was born in July, a little boy named Moo-nshine. And we now have a colorful little herd of 4 horses - Magic the thoroughbred, Hercules the palomino, Prince the paint and our little pocket pony, Teddy. The cows and horses have been living in harmony as one big herd, and they all seem to love cooling off in the pond at any given chance.

The most important update is that we are now officially open for business, so please please please spread the word!! If you or anyone you know might be interested in equine-assisted therapy services, or even just curious and would like to learn more, please visit our website and reach out in whatever way you’d like! On there you will see a section called “Ready to Get Started?”, where anyone interested can fill out a brief questionnaire to start the process of getting set up in our online client portal and get started receiving therapy services. Or, if you have any questions, you can always feel free to reach out via email at hadley@unbroken.org or phone at (512) 309-5020. I would be happy to talk!

We are so thrilled with how things have come together these last few months. We feel so proud of our space and all we have done so far to make it special, and are eager to start sharing it with our community! :)